Hi, I'm Liz!

It’s my passion to help women who are struggling to keep weight off, keep energy up, and stop the dieting madness. A healthy life isn’t one of restriction and dieting rules.

I love busting diet myths and helping ladies discover how good they can feel while eating real, delicious, nutrient-packed food.

Good nutrition is not low calorie, low-fat, lab-designed, factory-made, cardboard-tasting “edible products.” It’s colorful, flavorful, rich, nutrient-dense, and delicious.

Being fit doesn’t mean “working off” what you ate, “earning” your food, or spending hours in the gym. It’s moving your body in intentional ways that help you build strength, confidence, and capability.

I didn’t always have this mindset though. Here’s a bit of my story.

I know how it feels to struggle with health and body image. “Whaaaat? But Liz, you’re so thin!”

You can be thin and unhealthy. We are all so different and our bodies all respond differently to what we and life throw at them. I also know how it feels to feel like you’re doing all the *right* things but not seeing the results you want. The path to optimal health is not a linear one. There are ups and downs along the way. I wasn’t even really aware that it could be possible to feel really good consistently until I started to learn about how my body is supposed to work and how food, stress, medications, toxins, genetics, and everything in between can burden the body to the point that it doesn’t function properly.

I spent some of high school and my college years taking a handful of medications to treat lupus, which I was diagnosed with in high school. My joints were stiff, swollen, and sore, I felt tired and unmotivated all the time, but didn’t really want anyone to know so I tried to hide it as best I could. I went through life feeling like I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be. Food was comfort for me and though I could “get away with it” because I was thin, eating a row of Oreos and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is not a great way to try to regain health. I was unknowingly likely damaging my gut and creating an environment for dysfunction through the medication, unhealthy food, late nights/lack of sleep, and general stress that can accompany college life. I did grow up eating plenty of healthy, nutritious foods and was lucky to have parents who stressed the importance of whole foods, home-cooked meals, and eating as a family whenever possible. The foundation was laid for me to make healthy choices with food – I just reeeeeeeally had a sweet tooth!

After college I moved to the gulf coast of Mississippi and spent a couple years volunteering with AmeriCorps after Hurricane Katrina. It was warm, I was active outside building houses, stress was low and I started to feel so much better. I stopped taking my medications and felt better than I had in a long time. I still had some skin issues and various infections but did not really make any connections that my body might still be struggling a bit. I continued to consume my fair share of fast food, fried food, plenty of sugar, and yeah, a good bit of beer!

When my Mississippi days came to an end I was back home in PA and in a long-distance engagement to my now husband. I decided I needed to “get healthier” for our wedding so I started running consistently and watching what I ate. That mostly meant eating low-fat and diet-friendly foods. I made my sandwiches on those little sandwich thins and would take a zero fat Greek yogurt for lunch. While I didn’t need to lose any weight and I told myself I wasn’t trying to, I did drop probably 10 or more pounds. During this time I also started taking birth control pills. I was unknowingly continuing to cause harm to my gut, my immune system, and my brain -endocrine feedback system, setting myself up to become hypothyroid and eventually develop amenorrhoea (absent periods).

Fast forward a bit and I realized I was interested in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. I wanted to learn more about how our bodies work and how to give my own body the boost it needed to deal with my nagging issues. I became a certified personal trainer and then a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I’ve continued to learn about my body and what it needs and doesn’t need. I’ve worked with a functional doctor to help me get to the root of some of my health concerns and have found I still have unchecked inflammation, food intolerances, and an immune system that is on high alert from exposure to viruses, mold, and possibly Lyme disease. It’s going to take some time to heal and it may be a road I’m on for a long time but I’m having successes and learning so much along the way about how to care for my body, mind, and soul.

 I’ve learned that we are so intricately and wonderfully made but we must treat our bodies with care and respect. I’ve learned how to help lighten the burden my body faces by nourishing it properly with the foods and a few supplements needed to allow healing to take place. I’ve learned to listen to my body when it comes to movement and exercise and that it’s not all about just pushing harder all the time.  

This is a bit long and if you made it this far, thanks for reading! I say all this to make the point that we don’t get where we are overnight. I’m still a work in progress and there is no magic pill to fix my digestive, blood sugar, and hormonal challenges. It takes time and nourishment. But that just means I know how it feels to be in your shoes. Your story may look different than mine but if you’re frustrated with where you are and the state of your body, take heart! You don’t have to do it alone.  I’ve learned how to deal with nutritional changes and how to make it fit into everyday life. I know tips and tricks to deal with social situations, eating out, and pushing towards goals when the people around you may not understand. I’ve made strides in my own health and can help you navigate the confusing and often contradicting world of nutrition and fitness.

Join me in the pursuit of your own health and you just may be surprised at how good you can feel!

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