Hi, I'm Liz!

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist

I’ve been all over the place with my dietary choices…

I used to binge on pints of ice cream alone in my college dorm room. 

Years later I “got healthy” and started counting calories. 

Somehow though, my “getting healthy” didn’t seem to address the growing gut, hormone, and resurfacing auto-immune issues.

So, I continued to struggle with ongoing digestive and thyroid issues, a non-existent menstrual cycle, and the delightful mental/emotional strife that often accompanies physical woes.

As I’ve learned more, I realized being healthy wasn’t really what I thought it was and that our bodies can be affected by many things for many years.

I’m still a work in progress myself, but now I aim to help others avoid my mistakes.   

a snippet of my story

Now, while my body and circumstances are unique to me, there are certain foundational truths about our bodies and health that I have come to understand and am passionate about sharing with others.

Truths like taking care of your gut health is of utmost important to having a healthy body and mind.

That maintaining a balanced blood sugar response is vital to healthy hormone production and function.

That managing the body’s stress response is a critical factor for your wellbeing.

These are just some of the areas I didn’t really know anything about in the past and figured if I was exercising and eating somewhat healthy food, I was good to go.

The problem was I wasn’t good to go. From the outside, sure, I seemed well enough. I’ve always been able to remain pretty active. I’ve been thin all my life and we live in a world where many people think if you’re thin you must be healthy.

But over time my body was adapting and trying to survive the best it could while dealing with some underlying issues. Problems like gut infections and parasites (these are more common than you might think!), nutrient deficiencies (you can eat healthy foods but if your gut isn’t absorbing the nutrients then you’ve got issues), iron overload (yet also borderline anemic), and underlying viruses keeping the immune system on high alert.

Add to that my “getting healthy” which consisted of running 4-6 times per week and under-eating, my body became more and more stressed!

These sorts of issues compound one another and become a bit of a vicious cycle. Proper exercise and eating enough and eating well are certainly an important part of allowing the body to heal, but not in the typical, overly simplistic way we often view them.

I needed, and continue to need a more nuanced, foundational approach. And to be straight with you I’m still working on it, though I’ve come a long way and feel much better than I did years ago. 

But what I have learned through my own path, helping others, and my education is what I am here to share with you!

My Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training and Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist training have taught me enormous amounts about how our bodies are supposed to function, how and why things tend to go wrong, and what to do about it.

I can help you look at subjective data like your symptoms and what you feel, but also your blood work and what your body is actually telling us objectively.

I can help you use that data to get to the bottom of gut health struggles, and metabolism and hormone imbalances that are impacting your ability to feel and function the way you want to.

I’d love to help you. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of when we take a foundational approach and improve the gut and metabolism. If you’re struggling with issues like bloating or other IBS-type symptoms, or you’re facing being put on medications to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood pressure or sugar (these are all signs the metabolism is imbalanced), I’m here to help. Contact me below or schedule your free discovery call today!

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cooking tasty food!

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Address: 2021 E Market St. York, PA (and virtual!)

Phone: 717.253.4848

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